Online secure transaction system.

Cloud based business solution

Allkort is an online secure system where you can monitor, administrate, and analyze your sites and customers. It also provides you with a secure payment solution.

The system is a cloud based business solution and can be accessed by log on to a website or by Remote Desktop. You always have the latest version when you sign in.

Card system

Allkort is a terminal-independent system that has host-2-host solutions against several different terminal manufacturers. The system is based on card solutions at fuel stations and car washes.

You can choose whether you want to administrate and issue your own cards, sell by bank cards, or a combination of both. In Allkort you can also collaborate with other station owners, both those in Allkort and external partners.


Set up customers in Allkort and easily manage your customers through customer groups and pricing groups. There you can control which products the customer are able to refuel and what prices specific customers should have. You can also easily follow up on your customers' buying patterns and payments.

Invoicing takes place twice a month and you can choose between letting Allkort handle your entire invoicing or export the information to your own ERP system. With our modern invoice layouts and different invoice methods, Allkort is a system that suits all customers.

In cooperation with other companies in Allkort, clearing invoices are automatically sent in connection with the invoicing.

Customer ledger in Allkort has an option that let you update the payments manually or automatically. In case of non-payment, a first reminder is sent out to the customer together with the customer's next invoice.


In Allkort you can monitor and operate how your sites work. Much of the monitoring is based on statistics on how your sites has sold back in time. If the facility deviates from the statistics, an alert is triggered in Allkort.

You can directly see in Allkort if your facility is online and the transaction flow in real time.

If you use the stock function, you can also see when it is time to fill up the facility and send out reports to your drivers.

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