Digital Cards

Together with our Dynamic PIN service, you can also have Digital Cards.

With our Digital Cards, you can use low-energy Bluetooth technology at your terminal to have a completely digital card in the driver's mobile phone – you offer a digital and modern journey.

This gives you a unique opportunity to connect drivers in an easy way. You can create and send out a new card when the driver is at the facility waiting – quickly, easily and secure.

A digital journey – no more plastic

By going from physical card to digital card, you can digitize the entire customer journey from the application of the account, to the mailing of cards. The customer can manage all their cards and users from one portal.

The customer gets a better experience and the card issuer for a significantly cheaper handling of customer registration, support and card issuance.

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Provide receipts electronically to merchants and cardholders


Increase securety and minimize fraud

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