Digital Receipts & Loyalty

Digital receipt management and storage to merchants and cardholders.

Digital Recipts

Merchants save printing and storage costs, retrieve receipts quickly and easily for warranty claims and chargebacks.

Cardholders are provided receipts electronically with a back-up by a storage facility so they can always find any specific receipt, for up to seven years.

Each card’s purchasing behaviour is stored against a unique number that identifies the card whilst keeping bank details completely secure.

Card-free loyalty

Card-free Loyalty is a virtual CRM system for running loyalty schemes without separate loyalty cards.

The company gain insight into the behavior of every payment card customer and save time and costs on card issuance and reward fulfillment.

Cardholders register once and then only need to carry their payment card to earn loyalty points on every loyalty transaction.

Only a mobile phone number is needed to quickly and easily enroll a customer on a loyalty scheme.


Retailers automatically get the complete picture of exactly what every payment card or mobile wallet is buying without issuing a single loyalty card.

With conventional loyalty schemes, the hole in customer insights grows bigger every time customers choose not to join or carry and scan loyalty cards.

There are no holes with Cardivation Customer Insights. Every transaction is automatically and securely linked to the card or mobile that paid.

The retailer’s data feed, also known as an API, complies fully with European data privacy laws (PCI).

Problem - Solution

The original problem that we wanted to solve was receipt printers where paper ran out or receipt could not be printed due to other problems. This is especially a problem at unmanned sites where you have to be able to offer a receipt, but a technician can be several hours away in the worst case.

Our solution was to develop a system for digital receipts where tokenization in the terminal can be used to register the card in connection with a refueling. After registration is complete, receipts will be received, if desired, via email usually within a few minutes.

Over the years, the product has been further developed and linked to other services including registration via web and automatic loyalty via third parties.

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Increase securety and minimize fraud


A digital journey – no more plastic

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