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Qstar Sweden

Qstar only had very limited information about bank card customers.

Founded in 1990, Qstar had grown to 400 un-manned and manned petrol sites across Sweden by targeting rural areas where there was less competition and greater market potential. With a community-friendly brand identity and three branded fuel cards – one for consumers, one for businesses and a pre-paid card – Qstar still knew very little about the Visa and Mastercard customers who made 60% of transactions.

With its success largely due to embracing new technologies, Qstar was first to run a pilot project of a new system to address lack of information about bank card customers.

Cardivation Digital Receipts adds value for customers and provides information about them to Qstar. Customers register contact details against their bank cards at the pumps and they in turn receive Digital Receipts by email after each transaction as well as being able to log into “Mina Sidor” (“My Account”) like fuel card customers to see transaction histories and print receipts.

Using Digital Receipts Qstar collected valuable contact information, opened up important new ways of communication and created opportunities to request further contact information from bank card customers.

By integrating data and email marketing systems Qstar prompted customers to update details, found out and used their preferred method of communication and rewarded customers for giving information.

As Qstar learnt more about bank card customers it became easier to communicate relevant messages that benefit both the customers and the company.


  • Bank card customers went from a big unknown segment to one Qstar actively targets
  • Customers felt more involved with Qstar brand
  • Sales and customer retention increased

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